Applying patches to 3rd party WordPress plugins

I recently stumbled upon a bug in a third party plugin. I opened an issue on the support forum. I didn’t have much confidence in the author to fix the bug, as someone else mentioned the bug 1.5 years before. I needed a way to modify a 3rd party plugin’s codebase without manually having to apply the changes after each update/deploy.

I decided to fork the plugin repo and apply the changes myself. I opened a PR, but still had no confidence in the author to merge the PR anytime soon. I was searching for a way to automatically apply the changes to the plugin when deploying this website. I did some searching and found this composer package. To be able to apply the patch, we need a patch file obviously.

You can add .patch to the pull request’s url, and Github will automatically serve you the patch (

We can now install the composer-patches package

composer require cweagans/composer-patches

We can then add the patch in our composer file:

"extra": {
  "patches": {
    "wpackagist-plugin/intuitive-custom-post-order": {
      "Fix for multisite": ""

Running composer install or composer update will now automatically apply the patch.

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