Bedrock Multisite WP_CONTENT_URL

When using Bedrock in a WordPress multisite setup, media URLs point to the main site’s domain (eg. You can change the media domain to the subsite’s domain (eg. by updating config/application.php. Replace by

Remove paragraph (<p></p>) tags from widget shortcode

If you add a shortcode in a widget (using the block editor), WordPress will automatically wrap the shortcode in <p></p> tags. This results in an empty space on top of the output of your shortcode. You can remove the paragraph tags using this filter:

WooCommerce: Hide other shipping methods when “Free Shipping” is available except for “Local Pickup”

With the snippet found on, you can hide other shipping methods when “Free Shipping” is available. The problem with this snippet is that is will also hide the “Local Pickup” shipping method. If you want to keep the “Local Pickup” shipping method, try this snippet instead:

Export WooCommerce Bookings by booking date using Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce

Let’s say you are renting out multiple rooms, and want to export all the the rooms which are rented out on a specific date. You will need an export plugin (Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce). This plugin will let you export orders for a given date range, but we want to filter by booking date, …


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