ACFML + StoutLogic/acf-builder

You can translate custom fields added with stoutlogic/acf-builder with ACFML (WPML Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual). Just add ‘wpml_cf_preferences’ to your field options. 0 = Don’t translate, 1 = Copy, 2 = Translate, 3 = Copy once

Sage 10 & Bootstrap

At the moment of this writing, Bootstrap has been removed from Sage 10 in favor of Tailwind CSS. 1. Manually You could remove Tailwind CSS with yarn remove, remove Tailwind CSS from webpack.mix.js, delete Tailwind CSS configuration file (tailwind.config.js), remove all css & mixins from the SCSS files. 2. Easier An easier way would be …

Bedrock: Updating WP Core and plugins from WordPress admin

If you deliver a Bedrock website to a client, and you want the client to maintain the installation (perform core & plugin updates), you need to allow file mods: add Config::define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_MODS’, false); to /config/environments/production.php. The main problem with this approach is that it allows users not only to update WP core & plugins, but it …


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